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Survival Bags

The WampusCats is a survivalist group that was formed by Weasel over 10 years ago. Weasel put together this team from different backgrounds and skill sets to ensure a certain quality of life no matter what the emergency or disaster situation. The team started as: Lane "Weasel" Wilkins, Steve "Big Steve" Phillips, Jerry Kaminski, Celena Petrucci, and Tracey Sommers; however, we continue to add more members that bring a new skill sets to our group!
The WampusCats practice, train and test products that can assist in preparing for survival with minimal resources. We are also passionate about educating our youth about survival and outdoor skills!

     About a year ago, we were asked by Discovery Studios, to be guests on an AWESOME show called Man Hunt. We would be attempting to hunt down and catch Joel Lambert thru the swamp lands of the Florida everglades. Joel is a retired decorated navy seal who tests military and police groups around the world to see if they can catch him. We had a lot of fun with Joel and he said that, being his first Survival group, we really surprised him at our skills.

We cant give you the outcome of that show yet so tune in! We will announce the launch date when it arrives! For now.. Here is the promo....

We have been educating teens and adults in survival for the last 8 years. Since the ManHunt show,
we decided that we would like to expand our knowledge to the world. We will be periodically releasing
YouTube videos, each on a different skill set of survival techniques. Since we can't get all the info to fit
 into one video, we are posting links to pages we created below that give you more info on the matter.

Our articles are not to convince you to spend thousands of dollars on survival gear and preparations. We focus on not only teaching novice people how to survive, but also to show you that it doesn't take a fortune to be prepared. It can be as simple as going to your local dollar store.

Remember that when starting your own journey into survival knowledge, remember to always have fun! Survival is a serious subject but doesn't need to be a source of anxiety.

Stay tuned for more videos and more info!

"Together, we can survive"

Educating the Generations on Firearms and Weapon Safety