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In the south, tradition is everything and that is exactly how "The Weasel" began....

Years ago, there was a young man named Lane Wilkins. He was a simple country boy. He carried on the traditions of his forefathers with the time old tradition of making moonshine. That is how over the years earned the name of "The Weasel". He produced and delivered moonshine to a large number of people over the years; however, it didn't take long for the police to give him a reputation too!
Weasel knew he had to change before he ended up spending his life in prison.

He has always had tailgating party's at NASCAR events and people always seemed to just show up and hang out!
Fans, drivers, pit crew teams, workers, basically everyone said they just couldn't get enough of his homemade BBQ sauce! His parties became so popular that one day somehow it got dubbed it "WEASEL TOWN!"


                                                                     AND SO WEASEL TOWN WAS BORN!

Being a brilliant opportunist, Weasel realized
that his sauce was so good, why not market it!?
Business is booming and the sauce is
flying off the shelves! Our sauce even won a
"Most unique vinegar base" award!

Weasel Town became the place to be when it came to a good time! We were asked to cater to many NASCAR tracks and even host weddings! Everyone wanted that Weasel Town way of life. Eventually, we ran into a Discovery Studios scout, who saw our potential and asked us to air on a couple of shows! Naturally, we were thrilled!  You can see the promo of our show on our YouTube page.  Over the past few years, we have been in many other shows. Shows like, "When Turkeys Attack" , and most recently "Man Hunt" staring Weasel Town's survivalist team, The WampusCat's.

                 As you can see, Weasel Town is and has been many things. It is not just what we do, it's  what we are..

     A different frame of mind and a different way of life!

Lane Wilkins aka "The Weasel"

Born in Yadkin County, North Carolina. The Weasel is the CEO, Chief Executive Officer, of Weasel Town and the reason Weasel Town is one of the most extremely successful Event Catering and Entertainment companies in the south. Weasel has been a very successful business man and created a brand that is strong in the racing world. With roots in moonshine Weasel and the Weasel Town brand is legendary throughout the country. "Always Dreaming" is the motto he lives by and continues to this day to grow the brand and endorse products that he lives by. With successful TV appearances and a growing fan base the opportunities for Weasel and Weasel Town are unlimited. Weasel provides the cunning business experience and big picture outlook to make Weasel Town the most sought out event experience and the must see attraction at any engagement he chooses to attend.

Meet the leaders of

Sherry Wilkins aka "The Boss"

Born in Elkin, North Carolina, Sherry has always been the backbone of Weasel Town. As the wife and partner  of Weasel, she helps bring the voice of reason to the good natured ruckus Weasel creates. Her expertise in creating savory flavors for the Weasel Town brand of BBQ sauces,
her famous cheese logs and catering recipes are what makes Weasel Town the most sought after catering
company in NC.  As the Chief Operating Officer Sherry makes sure that Weasel Town has the right quality
 control, appearance and products to greatness. Her countless hours testing and trying new creations is
what keeps the Weasel Town brand fresh and exciting. Not just a partner to Weasel and Weasel Town she is
 the structure that drives Weasel Town to grow that one of a kind, word of mouth success.

The History of

Steve Phillips aka "Big Steve"

Steve is the only New Yorker in Weasel Town. He was born in the Italian part of Bronx, NY. He left New York City
to be closer to nature and get in touch with his redneck side. After serving
in the army and fire service, Big Steve moved to NC and got a job at Charlotte Motor Speedway and AAA Carolina's. After meeting Weasel and Sherry, the trio realized they all have a common
bond where your word counts and actions matter.  Using each other businesses success, they formed Weasel
 Town Catering and Entertainment. Big Steve's role in this partnership is an asset manager. He provides the
 equipment, staffing and entertainment to enhance the Weasel Town experience. Using his DJ skills from the
DJ business he owns, organizational skills and tech savvy Weasel is more accessible than ever to the masses.