The WampusCat's Survivalist Group is very much a part of Weasel Town everyday life. It began when we noticed that many of us has had a lifelong passion for survival.

Our mission is to teach others and raise awareness on survival.

After the show, we decided to share our survival skills to the world. You can learn more about the WampusCats,  see the videos we created on survival and articles we created for a more in depth look at those survival skills by clicking on the WampusCats link below.

Throughout the Years,
Weasel Town has been many things, we have been the hot spot for parties, catered to NASCAR, performed and hosted weddings, started our own line of BBQ sauce and are owners of the Weasel Town racing team. We have been featured on multiple TV shows (Including Man Hunt) , and are currently working on YouTube videos to raise awareness on survival with our own Weasel Town survival group, The WampusCats.
 But no matter what we are doing, we are always having fun in a way that you can only have at WEASEL TOWN!!!

You Tube!

Looking for that one YouTube clip of Weasel but having trouble finding it again?
Check out our YouTube page!! I bet you will find it there

Man Hunt Lone Target TV promos staring The Weasel!